DIY Dresser Update-Shabby Chic Style


My Childhood Dresser

This dresser was mine when I was a child (and my older siblings' prior to that). It also became both of my boy's dressers at one time or another. I was always into redoing furniture so I have actually repainted/upcycled this dresser about 4 or 5 times prior to this time. This dresser is in our guest room now so it is not used for much. So, why not make it pretty? :)


It's rough

The condition of the drawers and the back are pretty rough as it has had it's fair share of sitting in a garage/shop. It has also been moved from house to house over the years. Probably about 20 houses in total. I know, that's a lot!



I took the 1/4" backing off of the dresser as it needed to be replaced. I fixed any of the drawers that needed it. I took the knobs off, filled the holes with wood filler and added the center wood accents and the corner wood accents I got off of Amazon. These were added with wood glue and a pin nailer. 


New Backing

This was easy to replace. Just cut the new sheet to the dimensions of the dresser and attach with wood glue and staples (I used a staple gun). If you use a nailer, you can adjust the presser so it doesn't blow right through the panel, but I recommend a staple gun.


First Coat of Paint

Paint really is magic. It is the easiest and least expensive way to make an impact. I used Magnolia Chalk Paint. This was my first time using Magnolia Brand paint and it is worth the few extra dollars in my opinion!


Finishing Touches

I added knobs in the middle of the drawers this time and added some cute feet to the bottom of the dresser. They were only about $7 each at Lowes.