DIY File Cabinet Update


The purchase


My husband and I were storing all of our paperwork out of a couple of plastic tubs. Needless to say this was not the most organized way of doing it. I kept checking online but didn't want to spend $100 for the brand new ones in stores. I didn't think they were all that visually appealing anyways. 

So, I drug my husband to the local 2nd hand store where I found the perfect 4 drawer file cabinet in great condition! 

We took it home and I cleaned it up and the transformation began :)


The Prep

The tape that was on the front and sides of the file cabinet must have been there for years! It would not come off in more than just a sliver of tape. I had to take a wire brush attachment for our drill to remove all of the tape, remove any rust and also to scuff up all of the paint so the next coat of paint would adhere better.


The Paint

 I chose a Copper paint for the drawer pulls and label holders and a navy blue paint for the cabinet and drawers. I love the look of Navy and Gold/Copper.